Improve product quality - use programmable temperature controllers to increase precision in your temperature control process. 

We offer a programmable temperature controller for every type of application. Our programmable temperature controllers offer a wide variety of profiling options. Basic programmers start with options for 4 segments on 1 program.

For more advanced requirements we offer the Pro-EC44 which can support up to 255 segments and up to 64 programs. Ultimate flexibility and accuracy is available with the KS 98-1 programmable temperature controller, through its software, BlueControl®, the KS 98-1 can support unlimited segments and programs. 

Other considerations and requirements may include:Pro-EC44-Dual-Loop-Controller-150px

  • Number of Digital Inputs
  • Number of Outputs
  • Text/Graphic Display
  • Real-Time Clock
  • In-Built Datalogger
  • DIN Size 

If you need a programmable temperature controller please complete the form on the right, telling us a little more about your requirements.

A member of the technical sales team will be in touch shortly to recommend the most suitable programmer to meet your needs. 

Programmable Temperature Controllers